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We at Mawa Sweets believe that Indian deserts are best enjoyed if they are fresh. An Indian Sweet hardly has any substitute when enjoyed right after production in terms of its smell, feel, and flavor. Our goal is to offer our customers the most genuine and fresh Indian sweets.

The Significance of Freshness

In Indian deserts, the most important factor is their freshness. These confections consist of milk, sugar, and nuts that lose their flavor and become stale upon being frozen. Whenever a sweet is frozen, the water inside it solidifies into ice crystals thereby altering its structure and leading to an icy feel. This is particularly harmful for a dessert that possesses a creamy or smooth texture such as barfi or peda.

Fresh vs. Frozen Sweets – Which One is Better?

Fresh Sweets

  • Manufactured continuously in small quantities throughout the day
  • Tender, melt-in-your-mouth consistency
  • Vibrant colors of ingredients such as cardamom, saffron, and rose essence
  • Aromatic and inviting
  • Best consumed within a short period

Frozen Sweets

  • Made in bigger batches and stored in the freezers
  • May acquire a grainy or icy texture because of ice crystal formation
  • The flavors of spices or essences can decrease or alter
  • Longer shelf life compared to fresh sweets

The Relevance of Eating Fresh Sweets

Eating fresh Indian sweets offers much more than just flavors and consistency – health is a major part. Sweets when frozen lose a good portion of their nutritive value. For instance, the freezing process may destroy the vitamin content in some ingredients, which results in a general depreciation in the nutritional value of the sweet product in question.

Moreover, after freezing, some products require thawing before they are edible. This step takes time and if not handled properly it can pave the way for harmful bacteria to enter the food item. Fresh sweets are hassle-free since there is no need to process them through such practices as freezing-thawing and related issues that might result in harboring unhealthy contaminants.

Research Supports Fresh Over Frozen

Don’t just take our word for it – many researchers point out that fresh products are unbeatable when it comes to food. A study reported by the University of Minnesota discovered that freezing could bring significant textural and flavour changes in food products. The researchers of such a study pointed out this was a downside to the quality and acceptance level of the food.

Another study stated that freezing contributed to the loss of certain nutrients in fruits and vegetables but did not specify which ones and to what extent. The researchers also pointed out that this kind of deterioration is affected by elemental factors including type of vegetable, preservation method used, and quantity of time frozen before use, among others.

Our Commitment to Freshness

Our promise to never compromise on freshness is expressed in our daily practice of making sweets in small batches. By the time it reaches you, it will still be the best quality possible. Our confectionary artisans provide this for you by utilizing age-old techniques and good-quality ingredients, that way, our sweets are almost like homemade ones. While at our store, you can watch your favorite desserts being crafted by the experts and cooked before your eyes. From the sweetness of ghee to saffron’s splendid scent and then cardamom’s flavor, you sense first-hand the freshness and trustworthiness of our product. This clarity is important as we let our customers see what kind of care and attention every single sweet gets from us since they can observe how we make them directly.


Mawa Sweets’ Fresh Offerings

We provide you with a broad spectrum of fresh Indian Desserts which are enough to make your mouth water. Currently, some of our most sought-after products include:

  • Pink Coconut Ladoo – Round pieces of coconut, sugar, and rose essence that are small enough to be popped in the mouth.
  • Jack Frost Ladoo (Vanilla) – Sweet vanilla-flavored creamy ladoos.
  • Magnificent Mango Ladoo – A blend of tropical mango and spices along with sugar.
  • Mawa Authentic Ladoo – Our classic signature ladoo is prepared with rich Mawa and aromatic spices.
  • Dharwad Peda – A sweet made from khoya, ghee, and sugar that melts in your mouth.
  • Blissful Besan Ladoo – Gram flour ladoo full of nutty flavors.
  • Scrumptious Dates and Nuts – Soft, sweet dates and crispy nuts in a buttery coating.
  • Kalakand Barfi – This is a raw milk recipe of paneer(Indian Cheese).
  • Bikaner Barfi – Flavoured with nuts, this barfi is a fudge-like delicacy in Bikaner, which is equally delicious and appealing.
  • Brown Chocolate – It’s an amazing spiced milk solids like chocolate that melts in your mouth.
  • White Chocolate – A creamy, smooth and delightful treat that is mildly sweet yet luxurious.

Try it Out Today

We believe that Indian sweets are best enjoyed fresh. Preservation can be a reason for the taste and consistency being changed in these products, even their nutritional value might be reduced by freezing. That is why we, at Mawa Sweets, are determined to give our clientele the freshest variety of pure Indian sweets.

Please visit our shop to have a practical feel of what role freshness plays in taste. From the moment you enter, the sensation will transport you to the streets of India, where the aroma of freshly prepared mithai fills the air.

You are invited to taste a variety of fresh, traditional Indian Desserts. You can trust that we won’t let you down.